Presented by OVO

Directed by Stanley Walton

Performance dates TBC

Take a legendary espionage novel, mix in Alfred Hitchcock’s 1935 film version masterpiece, add a dash of Monty Python and you have a hilarious, fast-paced and spectacular spy story.

Patrick Barlow’s Olivier Award-winning stage adaptation was performed for almost a decade at the Criterion Theatre in London’s West End. Now it comes to St Albans for the first time.

A cast of four play 40 roles (we think – we lost count) and with some frantic staging they recreate all the iconic scenes including the intense chase aboard a train, the escape on the Forth Bridge, the bi-plane crash and the death-defying (or nearly) finale at the London Palladium.

It’s the wildest condensed film adaptation ever staged! 

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CAST | Hannah Baker Annabella Schmidt / Margaret / Pamela | James Douglas Richard Hannay | Clown 1 Rosemary Foster | Clown 2 Simon Nicholas

CREATIVE | Designers Beth Colley and Hannah Kuchar | Lighting designer Michael Bird | Sound designer Sam Papworth | Set construction Simon Nicholas | Scenic artist Jess Venn | Stage Manager Sarah Baxter | Intimacy Director Rachel Hammond | Rehearsal photographer Haydn Davis | Production photographer Pavel Gonevski

RUNNING TIME | Approximately 2 hours including one 15 minute interval

Presented by OVO

Directed by Anna Franklin

Performance dates TBC

Divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived…”

Admired, vilified, de-humanised. Three Catherines, two Annes and a Jane. Six women with one thing in common – marriage to a man called Henry – have passed into historical legend. Of course, it couldn’t happen these days…

Six modern women have also married one man. Their lives are both separate and intertwined as they tell their stories from a room in which they have all once lived. Their experiences – miscarriage, love affairs, betrayal, and a shared loathing of all things ginger – are portrayed with humour, pathos and a great deal of wine.

The plight of those sixteenth century women is personal, poignant and still relevant five hundred years on.

CAST Amy Connery | Lucy Crick | Anna Franklin | Steph Jones | Sarah Priddy | Jill Priest

CREATIVE | Lighting designer Michael Bird | Set construction Simon Nicholas | Graphic Designer Adam Nichols | Rehearsal photographer Haydn Davis | Production photographer Pavel Gonevski

RUNNING TIME | Approximately 1 hour with no interval

Contains strong language and adult themes

Presented by OVO

Directed by Adam Nichols

Performance dates TBC

Two women wash up on a distant shore following a violent boating accident. Dazed by their experience, they look for a path home. But they discover that this unfamiliar land is not what it seems – and that, though they may be together, they have never been further apart.

Unflinchingly honest and tenderly lyrical, Meet Me at Dawn is a modern fable exploring the triumph of everyday love, the mystery of grief, and the temptation to become lost in a fantasy future that will never be.

CASTRobyn – Lucy Crick | Helen – Faith Turner

CREATIVE | Music – David Podd | Lighting design – Michael Bird | Set construction – Simon Nicholas | Rehearsal photography – Haydn Davis | Production photography – Pavel Gonevski

RUNNING TIME | Approximately 1 hour 10 minutes with no interval

Contains strong language and adult themes

Presented by OVO

Directed by Adam Nichols and Janet Podd

Performance dates TBC

A story of a man who has everything – until he throws it away. A story of love and redemption, of time and change – and just a little magic!

King Leontes of Sicilia appears to have it all: power, wealth, loving friends and adoring family. But, convinced his pregnant wife is having an affair with his best friend, his jealousy sets in motion a chain of events with tragic consequences.

Sixteen years later, the daughter Leontes left to die on a remote beach has grown up to be a shepherdess and is deeply in love with his best friend’s son. Her destiny leads her back to Sicilia and the father she never knew existed…

This timeless tragicomedy of obsession and redemption is a rollercoaster ride of courtroom dramas, mistaken identities, a man-eating bear and a beautiful statue, combining the tightly plotted excitement of a thriller with the mythical beauty of a fairytale.

Featuring the most famous stage direction of all time, and one of theatre’s most magical and moving denouements, Shakespeare’s late, great romance weaves high drama and low comedy to tell a story of heartbreak, reunion and newfound hope.

CASTLeontes – Adam Nichols | Hermione – Lucy Crick | Mamillius – Finn Nichols | Camillo – Max Abbiss | Paulina – Faith Turner | Antigonus – Kieran Cummins | Emilia – Emma Wright | Archidamus – Paul Manuel | Polixenes – Dan Warren | Florizel – Jake Botterell | Perdita – Flora Squires | Shepherd – Emma Wright | Young Shepherd – Will Pattle | Autolyca – Rosa Lennox | Mopsa – Amy Connery | Dorcas – Madeleine Wilshire

BAND/ENSEMBLE | Emily Arnfield | Tom Cagnoni | Emma Kemp | James Pitchford

CREATIVE | Musical Director – Tom Cagnoni | Choreographer – Jill Priest | Set Designer – Simon Nicholas | Costume Designer – Kate Unwin | Lighting Designers – Michael Bird and James Wakerell | Stage Manager – Kiera Smith | Wardrobe Manager – Lizzie Thomson