By William Shakespeare | Directed by Matthew Parker

Presented by OVO

“Now all the youth of England are on FIRE”

Henry IV is dead and the young Prince Hal is King. With England in a state of unrest, he must leave his rebellious youth behind and prove himself a worthy ruler. The young king becomes feted warrior as a tiny kingdom rouses its spirits to stake a claim on the towering throne of France.

From monarchs to miscreants, Lords to lackeys, Shakespeare’s Henry V unites a cross section of humanity on the historical fields of Agincourt in an epic battle for heart and home.

“And gentlemen in England now abed,
Shall think themselves accursed they were not here”

Fast forward to 2020 and OVO reimagines the play in a secondary school classroom, where a group of eager drama students and their teachers come together (at a socially safe distance!) to bring this rousing, moving and frequently funny play to life with creativity, passion, music, movement and wit.

feisty, fast-paced adaptation of Shakespeare’s classic text by award winning director Matthew Parker.

Running time:
90 minutes with no interval 


14th – 31st August 2020
Roman Theatre of Verulamium

13th – 17th October 2020
The Maltings Theatre




IThankyou Theatre

“An absolute joy!.. A treat to see Shakespearean sophistication at this level. Please support this season: theatre is back and not a moment too soon!” 


Sardines Magazine

“This imaginative interpretation is as clever as it is witty and as moving as it is original… A tour de force.”


The Review Chap

Ingeniously adapted, breathtakingly brilliant!” 


Daily Mail

A tireless sense of fun that no downpour could dampen



Daily Express

Applauding and being applauded in turn by the actors, I felt proud to be British”


Sunday Express

“The company is so spirited and sincere that the true Shakespearean spirit shines through.”


Last Minute Theatre Tickets

“Fast-paced 90-minute adaptation of Shakespeare’s HENRY V is a very welcome re-ignition of the theatrical spark we’ve so missed.” 


London Theatre1

“Mara Allen takes the titular role and shows great energy, commitment and range in a highly physical and masterful vocal performance.”


Spy In The Stalls

“An ensemble piece that is refreshingly pacey and fizzes with energy… the electricity seems to crackle from the stage” 


Ought To Be Clowns

“Filleted and finessed down to less than 90 minutes, it’s a fast and fearless romp through HENRY V that hits all the beats (and) fits in several theatrical flourishes.” 

Cast and Creatives

Luke Adamson

Student, Fluellen, Dauphin, Ely

Mara Allen

Student, Henry

Edward Elgood

Teacher, Gower, Orleans, Erpingham, Burgundy


Rachel Fenwick

Student, Boy, Cambridge, Katherine, Harfleur

Paula Gilmour

Student, Canterbury, Alice, Rambures, Bardolph

Cassandra Hodges

Teacher, Chorus, Westmorland, Williams

James Keningale

Student, Pistoll, Constable of France, Gray


Felipe Pacheco

Student, Exeter, Nym, Bates

Jack Reitman

Student, Gloucester, French King

Melissa Shirley-Rose

Student, Mountjoy, Hostess, Queen Isabel, Scrope

Director / Matthew Parker
Assistant Director / Oliver McFadden

Set / Simon Nicholas
Costume / Lizzie Thomson
Lighting / Adam Bottomley

Sound / Michael Bird
Production/Stage Manager / Becky Brown