Script by Charles Ogilvie | Concept by Grand Harmonie

Directed by Julia Mintzer | Presented by OVO

When footage from a West Wing staff party is leaked to a major news channel, the president is on the warpath looking for a culprit. Staffers scheme and second-guess each other amidst the misleading headlines, and politicians exploit the turmoil for their own ends.

Sound familiar? Mozart, Haydn, Rossini, and Donizetti would have thought so. This brand new opera,based on a concept originated by the American period-instrument ensemble Grand Harmonie in 2018, and woven together from 18th and 19th century plots with new dialogue, will make you see today’s politics from a totally new vantage point.

Directed by Julia Mintzer (Welsh National Opera) with an original script by Charles Ogilvie (Gothic Opera), conducted and arranged by Thomas Payne (Royal Opera House).

Cast includes Classic Brit nominated Camilla Kerslake, Rodney Earl Clarke (Les Miserables) and Lizzie Holmes (Grange Park Opera).

Making sense of the 24 hour News cycle is enough to exhaust even diehard politics fans. So welcome instead to our Oval Office, where the corruption is timeless and the jokes are bang up to date; where all the news is fake but there’s a lot more singing! 

This is the musical catharsis you’ve been waiting for.

Originally performed on 3rd and 4th November 2020.

Tuesday 23rd Mar 7.30pm
Wednesday 24th Mar 7.30pm
Thursday 25th Mar 7.30pm
Friday 26th Mar 7.30pm
Saturday 27th Mar 7.30pm

Cast and Creatives

Rodney Earl Clarke


Charlotte Diamond


Joanna Harries



Lizzie Holmes


Ella Joy


Camilla Kerslake

News Anchor


Milena Knauss

News Anchor

Rodolfo Ruiz-Velasco

Press Secretary

Andrew Tipple

Senate Majority Leader

Director / Julia Mintzer 
Writer and Designer / Charles Ogilvie
Producer / Adam Nichols

Conductor / Thomas Payne
Pianist / Thomas Ang
Assistant Director / Jim Osman
Set / Simon Nicholas

Props and Costume / Delga Martineau
Production Manager / Ryan Wilce
Production Assistant / Alicia Mallace-Goulbourne




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